Lance Thorn
Lance Thorn
Photographer & Creative Collaborator

I am a Creative Collaborator.


Creative Collaborator?

I work with you to create engaging, compelling visuals for your business.

Your business is starting to take off. Now is the time turn things up a notch with compelling content. I like it casual, candid. We talk, I learn about what you do, questions you have and current creative challenges you face. 

With my Creative Arts background in Photography and Video, I will:

Create compelling visuals.
Teach you how to create daily content for social media.
Build your brand, attracting more clients!


Your Story is Important.

I believe there is value in every person. We all have something
of value to offer. I come from a small town of 800 people.
I learned the importance of knowing each other as neighbors.

The same applies to your own business and brand.

What story do you want to tell?
How do you want people to feel about you.

I am here to work with you on accomplishing that.




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