Client: A Local Startup

Client Needs/Requests: Video documentation of official launch party for social media and website.

Identified Opportunities: While considering the needs of the client, I recognized tremendous opportunity to capture and produce more high quality content that could be utilized immediately (social media live broadcasts), additional content for their website (fresh new headshots of all team members), varied video clips and outtakes, all of which could be banked in a content library and strategically released over the next several weeks. Below is a list of deliverables presented to client.


  • 1 - Facebook Live Session during event.
  • 1 - Instagram Live Session during event.
  • 1 - One minute video featuring highlights of the event.
  • 1 - Three to five minute video with broader narrative of the founder's vision utilizing the launch party for visual content and founder's voiceover to tell the story.
  • 5 - Five to seven second video clips for quick online promotional posts and teasers.
  • 12-16 - Still photographs of launch party including smiling faces, people energetically interacting, laughter, the venue.
  • 1 - One minute video pre-shoot interview with founder for separate video short presenting their vision.


  • Headshots of all seven team members for use on website and in social media, blog posts, professional profiles, etc.


  • Live sessions published immediately on Facebook and Instagram for immediate engagement and as a teaser for what's to come
  • One minute highlights video delivered within 24 Hours
  • Three to five minute video delivered within 72 hours
  • Five to seven second videos delivered within 5 business days
  • Still photographs, 4 delivered within 48 hours, the remaining within 7 business days
  • One minute video pre-shoot interview delivered within 10 business days
  • Headshots delivered within 14 business days