Client: Men’s Lifestyle Brand

Client Needs/Requests: Client requests photographs of their product line, promo images for branded mailers, social media posts and video content for advertising. 

Identified Opportunities: Facebook & Instagram Live sessions using higher quality production techniques and equipment. Video content with a focus on education for grooming, fitness & wellness.


  • 12 - Product photos with two alternative angles.
  • 5 - Lifestyle photography images promoting products.
  • 2 - Two minute video commercials for brand promotion.


  • 10 - Facebook & Instagram Live sessions.
  • 5 - 2 minute how-to videos.


  • Product photos delivered within five business days.
  • Lifestyle photos delivered within seven business days.
  • Live sessions delivered on-demand.
  • Two-minute how to videos delivered within twelve business days.
  • Video commercials delivered within seven business days.