Client: Author

Client Needs/Requests: Images for website. Book cover photo and design. Education using phone as a video-content creation tool. Setup of a Squarespace website account to sell book. Training for using platform with adding products. 

Identified Opportunities: Creating videos for Facebook that advertise product to reach a wider, relevant audience. Client’s book project targets a specific area, demographic that would benefit from targeted Facebook ads.


  • 1 - Book Cover Photo Design.
  • 1 - Training for creating videos with a smartphone. Includes list of gear relevant to filming short content.
  • 1 - Setup of Mailchimp for sending newsletters.
  • 1 - Setup of Squarespace website for sales of book.
  • 1 - Setup of Facebook Business Page and ads account.


  • Education in creating quality content for Facebook. Education in using ad platform for targeted ads relevant to book’s audience.


  • Book Cover Photo delivered within three business days.
  • Squarespace website for selling book delivered within five business days.
  • Setup for Mailchimp delivered within one business day.
  • Setup of Facebook Business Page and ads account delivered within one business week.
  • Content Creation training for making videos provided over one business week.
  • Book Cover Design delivered within fourteen business days.