Client: Wax Parlor

Client Needs/Requests: Photographs of new interior, staff and services in action. Video content describing services.

Identified Opportunities: Instagram and Facebook Live videos would help promote the staff & services as well as the personality of the owner. Client could benefit from creating educational content that informs new clients what to expect from offered services as well as proper post-treatment care.


  • 2 - Facebook Live Sessions.
  • 2 - Instagram Live Sessions.
  • 10 - Images of business space interiors.
  • 2 - Portraits of each Staff Member and Owner.
  • 1 - Three minute video highlighting services and space.
  • 1 - Creation of a photography setup to document completed client services.


  • 5 - Ten to thirty second video clips for quick online promotional posts and teasers highlighting staff and services.
  • 1 - Two minute video overpviews of each service provided with an introduction to technician providing said service.


  • Photo setup created upon approval of a workspace.
  • Training provided for setup over the course of one business day.
  • Portraits of Staff Members delivered within two business days.
  • Photos of business space delivered within five business days.
  • Highlight video delivered within seven business days.
  • Facebook Live and Instagram Sessions delivered upon time set by the client.